Lesley Lassiter

Lesley Lassiter is Creek Content’s project manager. With the rest of us focusing on creativity and innovative content strategy, we depend on Lesley to keep our trains [and our clients’ trains] running on time — and she does! Lesley is an experienced marketer with a focus on research, strategic planning, and direct marketing (including social media), primarily in the hospitality industry. Lesley spends her spare time cooking and blogging about food, gardening, and trying to get the theme song to Caillou out of her head. Both Lesley and her husband have been separately honored in the Nashville Scene’s “Best of Nashville” readers’ poll in categories that have been useless in the advancement of their respective careers. Among her favorite things are tea roses, her daughter’s laugh, and the Oxford comma.

Lesley has had Project Management training and is a Six Sigma Green Belt. She holds an MBA in marketing and a BBA from the University of Memphis.