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What to Know Before Buying a New Technical Solution

For years, we’ve worked with marketing or other business-side clients who are trying to solve a problem. Often someone will suggest a new technical system as a solution. You need a new content management system! You need a better database! You need a social media management platform! You need…you need…you need….

Really? Really?

I will say, we have worked with a number of clients who really did need a technical solution. If you don’t have a content management system [CMS] and you’re managing a sophisticated website [or one that needs to be sophisticated], well then yeah, you’re gonna want a CMS. If you’re dealing with legacy systems that can’t talk to each other, well, then, yeah, you really might have to upgrade something. And a whole lot of us need to figure out how to make separate technical systems talk to each other.

But y’all. We find much more often that the systems themselves aren’t the big issue. Using your systems effectively — operations and governance — will eat you alive, though.

Before you even think about considering a new technical system, please figure out how you’re going to support your ongoing content operations. It doesn’t matter what your goals are: You need people and tools and real strategy to make them happen. Buying a new piece of software isn’t going to help without the people and money to support ongoing operations.

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