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When I give a talk, I usually share a handout with lots of content strategy resources—articles I’ve found helpful, people to follow on Twitter, books I recommend. I wanted to share my favorite resources with you here, as well—because I know I won’t get to meet most of you reading this website in person.

I’ll update this list from time to time when I find a new favorite resource. Did I miss your favorite content strategy resource? Let me know so I can add it!

Content Strategy Books

Content Strategy for the Web, by Kristina Halvorson and Melissa Rach. 2015.

Web Content Management, by Deane Barker. 2016.

Content Strategy at Work, by Margot Bloomstein. 2012.

The Content Strategy Toolkit, by Meghan Casey. 2015.

Managing Chaos, by Lisa Welchman. 2015.

Letting Go of the Words, by Ginny Redish. 2012.

Content Everywhere, by Sara Wachter-Boettcher. 2012.

Content Strategy for Mobile, by Karen McGrane. 2012.

Search Analytics for Your Site, by Louis Rosenfeld. 2011.

Web Analytics 2.0, by Avinash Kaushik. 2009

Google Analytics Breakthrough, by Feras Alhlou, Shiraz Asif, Eric Fettman 2016.

Content Audits and Inventories, by Paula Land. 2014.

Buyer Personas, by Adele Ravella. 2015.

How to Measure Anything, by Douglas Hubbard. 2014.

Content Strategy Websites

Content Strategy Forum

A List Apart

Content Marketing Institute

Content Style Guides

AP Stylebook

The Economist


Content Strategy Tools

Gather Content

Content Analysis Tool

Hemingway App

Readability Score

BrandSort cards

Content Strategy Articles

The Battle for the Body Field, by Jeff Eaton in A List Apart. 2014.

Training the CMS, by Eileen Webb in A List Apart. 2014.

Testing Content, by Angela Colter in A List Apart. 2010.

The Audience You Didn’t Know You Had
, by Angela Colter in Contents Magazine. 2012.

People to Follow on Twitter

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@ahaval — Ahava Leibtag

@gadgetopia — Deane Barker

@halvorson — Kristina Halvorson

@hilarymarsh — Hilary Marsh

@mbloomstein — Margot Bloomstein

@meaningmeasure — Misty Weaver

@melanie_seibert — Melanie Seibert

@melissa_egg — Melissa Eggleston

@scottabel — Scott Abel

@webmeadow — Eileen Webb


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