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So We Had This Newsletter Once…

Once upon a time, a content strategy consulting company created a newsletter to share brilliant ideas about content strategy with clients, friends, and anyone who cared about content.

It was a lovely little newsletter.

But one day, life took over, in the form of lots of really great work for super-fantastic clients. And the newsletter sat neglected in the corner*. After a while, the president of the company finally resorted to telling everyone she met how the cobbler’s children had no shoes, because it was really about the only thing she could say.

Now, we’d like to get back to it. Consider this a pre-announcement:

Coming in August, the inaugural edition of the 2015 Creek Content newsletter.

Who’s it for?

• Content strategists
• Marketers
• Product designers, developers, and managers
• Information architects
• People who manage any of the above
• People who care about content
• People who care about their audience

What’s in it?

• Ideas for using content effectively to build trust with your audience
• Info about content theory and practice that can make your job easier
• Updates on conferences where we speak and attend, books we’re reading, and other content strategists we’re following


Once a month. Honestly, we could talk about content all day, every day (and actually we do), but we save most of it for our regular clients. (Our friends breathe a sigh of relief!)

How do I get it?

Visit to sign up for the monthly newsletter. Right there on the top right of our home page, put your email in the box and click the arrow or subscribe. (Or go straight to the form itself.) Watch for the confirmation email, which should come from laura at Click the link and you’re all set!

*For an embarrassingly long time. Like, so long we’re never going to say**.

**OK fine, it was 3 years, give or take.

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