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Solid Content Marketing Advice: Own Your Channel

I spend a fair amount of time every week learning more about my craft. When we pitch our expertise to prospective clients, we’re betting on the fact that Creek Content understands its game better than anyone else.

So we’re always learning. I’ve always loved the phrase “lifelong learner,” perhaps because it so aptly describes what I’m aspiring to be. And it might not surprise you to hear that after 20 years in my career, I read a lot of junk.

Eek! I said that out loud. Yes, a lot of the advice you’ll get about dealing with your content — through content strategy, or for a specific purpose like content marketing — is crap. There it is. This is a pretty new field, but it’s hot, and I highly recommend you evaluate the source carefully before you run off to do whatever it is you just read about.

But today, with great delight, I read such a wonderful piece from Joe Pulizzi [who’s been around a long time too, and knows whereof he speaks], that I wanted to share it with you right away. If you’re contemplating [or doing] content marketing, take a quick read through Joe’s post today and think about how that impacts your own work.

If you don’t own your channel, you’d better know why.

It’s perfectly legit to use channels owned by others. You might be crazy if you’re NOT using social media. [I’m loathe to name any absolutes, even for a statement like that. My clients already know my favorite answer is, “It depends.”] But I’m definitely concerned for you if everything you create resides on someone else’s platform. Read Joe’s post on owning your channel to learn why.

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