Building a Content Team

Many marketing departments in particular are grappling with the content demands of today’s 24/7, firehose media. Marketing departments were traditionally built on planning, research and strategy, with perhaps a freelance copywriter on call. With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and your own website now clamoring for content along with traditional communications vehicles, the traditional structure can’t meet […]

5 Questions to Answer When You Outsource Content Creation

From time to time, big projects come across your desk that require large amounts of content. Obviously you can’t create thousands of articles over night, so you do the next best thing: Hire a content vendor. But before you sign on the dotted line, you want to make sure your contract works for both parties. […]

The Online Community Lifecycle

Online communities must go through some initial setup phases, but once communities are up and running, several things should happen simultaneously. As we create new communities or nurture existing ones, we must ensure we are always balancing needs in these three areas: Content User Recruitment and Acclimation Community Measurement and Evaluation

3 Reasons To Do a Content Inventory Today

Last week I worked on a spreadsheet that included more 1,300 lines of information. I took one category of content and inventoried every piece connected to each keyword within that category for a client. I loved every minute of it! Call me organized; call me a taxonomy nerd. I’m okay with both. Aside from being […]