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Content Strategy Consulting: Get the Message Right, Get the Process Right, Get Results

Does your message really resonate with your target audience? Is your content working for you? Are you spinning your wheels with an ineffective process? Do you have gaps in your governance strategy that leave you open to liability? How would you know?

Organizations engage a content strategy consultant to answer these questions and many more—because content is one of the most important ways that organizations deliver on their brand promise. It makes good business sense to get it right.

Content strategy is both a mindset and a set of tools. It requires you to treat your content like a business asset — and then recommends best practices to manage your work from then on. Whether your project is a website, a marketing project and/or software product development, content strategy will make your work more effective.

When you engage Creek Content for content strategy consulting, we work to understand your business as well as you do, analyze your content and processes, then help you make changes to be as effective as possible. Our work can take many forms, but we’ll recommend the best tools for your needs:

No matter which tool we use, our goal is to end the content chaos and help you communicate clearly and effectively with your audience.

Designing a Content Strategy Consulting Engagement

We usually recommend beginning with an analysis of your existing content and process. This work can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, depending on how much content needs to be analyzed and how many people we need to talk to. (A full inventory of a large content system will likely take longer than a couple of weeks, but that’s rarely needed as the first step.)

Here’s the value you get with our basic content review and analysis:

You’ll get a report that confirms what you’re doing well, and recommends improvements in each of those areas. You can budget $5,000 for a basic content review and analysis, but we can design a project that meets your organization’s specific needs.

Ready to learn how you can end content chaos? How your content could be more effective? How you could communicate more clearly? Let’s talk today!

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