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Content Strategy Training: The Creek Content Crash Course

Laura Creekmore speaking at Content Marketing World

We don’t just do this work; we can teach you how. While we work with clients in short-term projects and long-term engagements, many organizations have regular editorial staff who carry on the hard work of content strategy day to day. Our content strategy training shares our methodology and our tools with your staff, so that your in-house content strategy experts can continue to improve your work every day. The Creek Content Crash Course on content strategy will give you the tools you need to plan, create, manage and govern your content to achieve your business goals. The class will enable you to treat your content like a business asset. We will tailor your Creek Content Crash Course to meet the specific needs of your staff. Potential topics:

If you’re interested in content strategy training for your team, or you’re looking for a dynamic speaker who won’t sugarcoat the truth, get in touch. Contact us today to plan the Creek Content Crash Course for your staff.

Upcoming content strategy training events

Laura Creekmore speaks regularly at industry conferences. Catch her at one of these upcoming events!
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