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Creek Content: New Name, New Newsletter, Same Great Content Strategy

We’ve been in business here for nearly 3 years and we’ve gone by Creekmore Consulting that whole time — but we’ve been content strategists for even longer than that. And the more we thought about it, the more we thought 2 things:

So we toyed with a lot of new ideas, and we discovered that many, many people out there are sitting on some really fantastic URLs for content strategy consultancies and doing nothing with them. [Get busy with those URLs or let them go, folks!]

And then last year at South by Southwest, we realized we wanted to set up a Twitter account for the business, and without thinking too hard about it, we named it @creekcontent. And we’ve used it a bit from time to time, and each time we did, we thought, Huh, Creek Content. That’s nice, and it’s pretty short. So we bought the URL, just in case.

The more we thought about it, the more sense that made. We have played with a lot of different names in the past few months, but none seemed to fit like Creek Content, and the longer we talked about it, the more it felt like home.

So from here on out, Creek Content is what we’ll be calling ourselves, and hope you will too.

In a related matter, we’re starting a monthly newsletter. Content strategy isn’t rocket science — we couldn’t teach you that in a monthly newsletter — but there are some specific tools and strategies to our discipline, and we’ve found that people like to learn more. So, we’re going to start sharing more.

Be sure to share your email with us so we can share our content strategy goodies with you.

We hope you’ll sign up to get a little slice of content strategy goodness delivered from us right to your inbox each month.

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