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Our Picks for the Best Content Strategy Reading

Our post last week on some exciting upcoming resources in content strategy got us thinking about a topic we discuss fairly often here: What’s in the essential content strategy library?

We spend a lot of time educating ourselves and our clients on the latest tools and techniques that content strategy brings to projects. Because the holistic way of thinking about content strategy is still gaining traction in many quarters, many people we talk to would consider themselves learners instead of experts. And with the holidays around the corner, you might be working on your wish list.

So we’ll share our picks for the best resources on content strategy — both now and in 2012. And we’re going to send a full set of our content strategy library to one reader! Keep reading for the details….

Laura’s Picks:

Summer’s Picks:

To get the library: 
In the comments below, share your favorite content strategy resource or tell us which book above you’re looking most forward to reading. We’ll randomly select one commenter on Thursday, Dec. 8, 2011, and send you the four books in the library. [Shipping free to any U.S. location; if you’re not U.S.-based, we’ll talk.]


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