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Getting Into the User Context—And Out of Your Own

I just read a transcript of a very insightful presentation by my friend Sara Wachter-Boettcher, who’s a great content strategist and the editor of A List Apart.

She’s dealing with the impact of content and design work on the user…and especially those users who have a context we did not anticipate in our design. When we talk about user context, we should be going far beyond the question “Mobile or desktop?” and into the mental and emotional space of our users.

In our health care work in particular, we ask ourselves these user-context-related questions a lot. Even seemingly innocuous content can be callous or rude in a context you didn’t anticipate. Sara’s got several great examples in her talk. It’s a must-read [or watch–she’s also posted the presentation video] for anyone trying to be more effective in their content and design work.

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